Venue of the Conference
Palazzo Corsini
Via della Lungara 10
00165 Rome

Conference Secretariat 
phone: +39 06 6802 7537
fax: +39 06 689 3616


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The following guidelines are meant to facilitate the preparation of the Conference for each participant and set favourable conditions for fruitful exchanges during the meeting. Official language of the Conference will be English.
The delegation of a country would normally be composed of:


-  Participants are invited to:

1.   the rationale and the objectives of the experience/ project;
2.   the role of stakeholders and relationships with partners: Ministry of education, Academy, etc.;
3.   the type of activities implemented: main results and outcomes, successes;
4.   the difficulties and constraints overcome, lessons learnt for potential further developments in the country, for example the extension of a pilot project;
5.   the expertise that could be shared with others, the help that could be provided by your experience/project in the collaboration with another country.
A short abstract (max 10 lines) of each poster must be sent via email to <> by 15 April 2014.
-  Speakers are requested to submit a summary (max one page) of their oral presentations via email to <> by 15 April 2014.


Participants will be requested to give a feedback on science education initiatives in other countries that they found of particular interest, as presented in the poster session or in oral sessions, in relationship with their own national experience and wishes for further collaboration beyond the AEMASE Conference. Each participant will describe his/her interest for other national projects by filling in a form to be distributed during the Conference. At the end of the poster session facilitators will collect the forms that have been filled in and will compose the parallel groups that will meet in Session 10. This will favour the identification of potential partnerships that would be mutually relevant and profitable.