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The Transition Away From Confrontation Towards Cooperation - 1990

International Conference on Security in Europe and the Transition Away From Confrontation Towards Cooperation

Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei 4-7 June 1990


  • G. Salvini (President of the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei): Opening remarks
  • W. K. H. Panofsky: Amaldi's contributions during a lifetime of public service
  • R. Peierls: Remembering Edoardo Amaldi
1.1) Scientific and technological cooperation
  • U. Colombo: From confrontation to cooperation: the role of science and technology
  • H. B. Casimir: A comment on scientific and technological cooperation
  • V. Rabinovic: Science technology and development of the Third World
1.2) Scientific and technological cooperation
  • M. Rees: International collaboration in science
  • J. Pop-Jordanov: Scientific and technological cooperation: the case of energy
  • G. Charpak: East-West collaboration on instruments and detectors
  • M. Draganescu: Revolution in eastern Europe and ghosts in science: what can the Academies do?


2) Environmental cooperation

  • P. Nedkov: Comments on environmental cooperation
  • R. Peierls: Energy conservation
  • C. Fréjacques: Greenhouse effect: interests, confrontation and scientific collaboration
  • A. Tonning: A role for the scientific Academies in international cooperation on environmental issues
  • S. Helmfrid: Environmental cooperation
  • B. Rysavi: Devastation of the living environment as a possible source of international conflicts
  • J. Stoklasa: New conditions for environmental cooperation in Czechoslovakia
3) Measures of effective disarmament in the new international climate 3.1) Nuclear disarmament
  • W. K. H. Panofsky: Do we need arms control if peace breaks out?
  • F. Calogero: Disarmament and international security: a brief overview
  • U. Farinelli and C. Silvi: Conversion to peaceful uses of nuclear materials (an update)
3.2) European security
  • P. Terenzio: Reduction of conventional forces: arms transfers, conversion of military industries
  • K. Kelleher: Alternative conceptions for a new security order in Europe
  • L. Valki: Consequences of recent disarmament in eastern Europe
  • I. Sourbes: Control of effective disarmament by a civilian high resolution remote sensing
  • A. Jaumotte: Utilization of Plutonium, now


3.3) Chemical disarmament

  • P. Doty: Elimination of chemical weapons
  • G. B. Marini-Bettolo: The control on production
  • E. Jacchia: Strategie e pericolo
  • J. Michalsky: Facing new responsabilities towards solving global problems other than major military confrontation
3.4) Security and verification
  • H. P. Harjes: International verification measures of disarmament agreements
  • R. Fanning: The Anglo-Irish agrements of 1985: an example of juridical and political cooperation
  • B. Bertotti: Security in Space
  • E. O. Czempiel: The organization of peace in Europe
4) Industrial and economic cooperation
  • R. Prodi: Industrial and economic cooperation with eastern country
  • K. Gottstein: A survey of European perceptions of Europe's role in regional and global, political and economic cooperation
  • P. Sylos Labini: Some comments on economic cooperation
  • J. Gvishiani: Open problems of industrial and economic cooperation
19,00 - 20,00 Concert (AGORA' 80, Via della penitenza 33 - Roma)


5) The role of the Academies

  • P. Germain: The increasing role of European Academies
  • A. Kenny: Academies and Governments: cooperations and boycotts
  • H. B. Casimir
  • J. Kondziela: The Helsinki process of the way to European unity (the Polish perspective)
  • A. Alexandrov: The role of Academies for peace
  • A. Deruyttere: On the role of Academies
  • C. Alfsen
  • G. Salvini: Summing up

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