Publishing Rules for Fellows


  1. About the journal

  2. Presentation in Class

  3. Classification of Notes and Memoirs

  4. Presentation of a Note

  5. Presentation of a Memoir

  6. The Advisory Committee


1. - About the journal. - Notes or Memoirs by Fellows (National, Corresponding, Foreign) and by non-fellows are published in the Rendiconti Lincei: Matematica e Applicazioni. Works by non-fellows must be presented by a Fellow. The Note or Memoir must be accompanied by a motivated report signed by the presenting Fellow. This report is entered in the archives. The Rendiconti Lincei: Matematica e Applicazioni are published in four issues which form an annual volume. A Supplemento dealing with academic life is also published annually. The minutes of the Class meetings, books donated to the academic Library, commemorations of Fellows, conferences, book presentations, reviews of studies regarding the various disciplines are included in the Supplemento.

2. - Presentation in Class. - The Fellow presents Notes or Memoirs for publishing in the Rendiconti Lincei: Matematica e Applicazioni during Class meetings. In the event that the Fellow is unable to personally present the work during the meeting, he must make sure that the Note or Memoir, accompanied by his written motivated report, is received in time by the Director of the Advisory Committee. During the summer vacation Fellows may send directly to the Director of the Advisory Committee works for publication in the Rendiconti Lincei; they must always be accompanied by a written motivated report.

3. - Classification of Notes and Memoirs. - Notes announce the results of research works to be published later on in a lengthier version together with demonstrations of theorems. However, Notes themselves may also be reports of brief, complete research works. It is presumed that Notes occupy a limited number of pages. Memoirs are longer and contain a complete report of research together with all necessary premises and demonstrations of theorems. The presenting Fellow has the faculty to decide whether the work he is proposing for publication in the Rendiconti Lincei: Matematica e Applicazioni should be a Note or a Memoir. His decision must be approved by the Academic Secretaries of the Class, after consultation with the Advisory Committee.

4. - Presentation of a Note. - The presenting Fellow may observe one of the following two procedures: a) He may present the Note directly to the Class and the Note, with no further examination, is sent to the editorial office; b) The Fellow may send the Note to the Director of the Advisory Committee, who will arrange for the work to be examined by experts (even non-members of the Academy); he sends to the Fellow, within three months of the date of reception of the Note, an exhaustive report. The Fellow, after having examined the report, makes the final decision whether to present the Note to the Class, if necessary, modified, accompanied by his own written report, or return it to the Author. In the first case the Note, with no further examination, is sent to the editorial office. For Notes presented during the summer vacation, the Fellow must specify whether he intends to follow procedure a) or b).

5. - Presentation of a Memoir. - If the Author or one of the Authors is a Fellow, the traditional procedure is followed: i.e. the Memoir is accepted directly for publication. However, the Fellow may, if he so deems, request, before submitting the Memoir, an opinion of the Advisory Committee who may consult experts in the field and provide the Author with a report on his work, within a period of time to be agreed upon between the Author and the Director of the Advisory Committee. If the Author is not a Fellow, the Memoir is sent to the Director of the Advisory Committee who, after having consulted the competent members of the Committee, proposes that the Class nominate a Commission of three Fellows (not necessarily belonging to the Advisory Committee) who, within five months of the date of the nomination of the Commission, after having, if necessary, consulted other experts in the field, compiles a report to be read in Class. The procedure (as indicated in article 29 of the Academy's Regolamento) ends: a) with the proposal to publish the work in full or summarized; b) with the proposal to publish some results or considerations contained in the work; c) by expressing thanks to the Author; d) with the proposal that the work be filed in the archives. The Class must decide on the proposals of the Commission.

6. - The Advisory Committee. - The Advisory Committee is composed of National, Corresponding and Foreign Fellows of Category I (Mathematics, Mechanics and Applications). The Director is nominated by the Class of Physical, Mathematical and Natural Sciences, acting on the proposal of the Advisory Committee, for a period of three years. He cannot be nominated for more than two consecutive terms. The Director coordinates the activity of the Committee and calls a meeting whenever it is deemed necessary and, in any event, at least once a year. It is the duty of the Director to contact those members of the Committee whom he feels are most competent for the examination of a Note or Memoir, and decide together with them which referees, outside the Committee, should be contacted, if necessary, for an opinion. It is also up to the Director to request the report on a Note or Memoir, as foreseen in the above mentioned rules, and to make sure that it is ready within the prescribed time limit. As to the report on a Note to be sent to the presenting Fellow (see article 4, b of these rules), he should agree with the Authors of the report whether their names should be made public or remain secret. The Director maintains correspondence with the Fellows and the Authors of works submitted.

Last update: 16 may 2003