XV Amaldi Conference on Problems of Global Security

Helsinki, 25-27 September 2003

House of the Estates



Thursday, 25 September


9.00      Opening  remarks:  Edoardo Vesentini

9.15           Address of the local organizer:  Risto Ihamuotila


SESSION 1:  Nuclear weapons 1

Chairs: W.K.H. Panofsky, Francesco Calogero

  9.30    Inadvertent and accidental use of nuclear weapons - The status of command and control. Valeriy Yarynich (Russia)

11.00    Coffee break

11.15    Regional conflict. Pervez Hoodbhoy (Pakistan), K. Santhanam (India) (cancelled his participation), Hu  Side (China)

13.00    Lunch in the house, offered by the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

            Lunch speech by Mr. Jaakko Laajava, Under-secretary of  State for Political Affairs


SESSION 2:  Nuclear weapons 2

Chairs: W.K.H. Panofsky, Francesco Calogero

14.30    The proliferation challenge

WKH Panofsky (SLAC, USA)

15.45    Coffee break

16.00    Terrorist use of nuclear weapons and control of weapons-useable materials

Annette Schaper (Germany), M. Maerli (Norway), Francesco Calogero (Italy),

18.00    A concert in the Great Hall of the University Main Building.  The theme of the concert is “a  stroll through Finnish music history”.  It is given by the Wind Orchestra Louhi conducted by Anne Peltonen.

19.00    A reception and buffet  hosted by the Rector of the University. Host of the occasion: Vice Rector, Professor Marja Makarow


Friday, 26 September


SESSION 3:  Revolution in military affairs, information warfare, and vulnerability of the information society

Chairs: Carlo Schaerf, Götz Neuneck

  9.00    Precision munitions and the systems in which they are imbedded-- GPS, mapping, high-resolution radar, and also non-lethal weapons. Richard Garwin (USA)

The revolution in military affairs in the Unites States of America. Gary Chapman (USA)

            Information warfare, network security and critical infrastructure. Christoph Busch (Germany)

11.10    Coffee break

11.25    Military  revolution  impact on Chinese defence policy.        Hu Side (China)

            Space as a new medium of warfare? Götz Neuneck (Germany)

13.00    Lunch in the house, offered by the Finnish Defence Forces.

            Lunch speech by Lieutenant General Kari Rimpi, Chief of the Defence Staff

SESSION 4:  Chemical warfare

Chairs: Thomas Inch, Pirjo Mäkelä

14.30    A brief review of technical issues on chemical warfare. Jiri Matousek (Czech Republic)

15.45    Coffee break

16.00    Legal aspects relating to the CW convention. Julian P. Perry Robinson (UK)


Saturday, 27 September


SESSION 5:  Small arms

Chair: Jo Husbands

  9.00    The rise of small arms/light weapons as an international policy issue. Jo Husbands (NAS,USA)

The role of small arms in humanitarian crises. Edward Mogire (BICC, Kenya)


11.00    Coffee break

11.15    Government initiatives to curb the proliferation and misuse of small arms. Introduction by Jo Husbands

The role of civil society in fighting the spread and misuse of small arms/light weapons around the world. Rebecca Peters (IANSA, UK)


13.00    Lunch in the house


SESSION 6:  The Role of International Organisations

Chair: Klaus Gottstein, Raimo Väyrynen

14.30    The role of the United Nations in international security - reform and reinforcement. Thilo Marauhn (University of Giessen, Germany)

            The role of NATO and EU in the context of transatlantic relations. Alyson Bailes (SIPRI, Stockholm)

15.40        Concluding discussion and farewell words:  Giorgio Salvini