XVI Amaldi Conference on problems of global security

ICTP - Trieste

18-20 November 2004

Thursday - 18 November

The problem of independent scientific input to governmental security policy
Chairs: W.K.H. Panofsky, G. Neuneck

Dual use technologies in information warfare, etc
Chair: S. Wolthusen

Friday - 19 November

Biological weapons
Panel 1:  Biological threats to security
Chair: Ray Dixon
  Panel 2:  Biodefence research/Research oversight
 Chair: Jo Husbands

  Panel 3:  Scientific responsibility and life sciences research
Chair: Ray Dixon

  Panel 4:  The roles and responsibilities of scientists in international treaties
 Chair Edoardo Vesentini

Saturday - 20 November

Nuclear weapons
Chairs. C. Schaerf, C. Kelleher

International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) - Strada Costiera 11 - 34100 Trieste