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Pennacchioni, Giorgio

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Cat. IV Geoscienze

A: Geologia, Paleontologia e applicazioni

Anno di nomina: 2022

Email: giorgio.pennacchioni [@] unipd.it


Prof. ord. di Geoscienze dell'Università di Padova.

The research of Prof. Giorgio Pennacchioni has mainly focussed on deformation processes responsible for the mechanical behaviour of rocks, from brittle to ductile, in the Earth’s lithosphere. His studies are based on description of rocks, tectonically exhumed from different depths to the Earth’s surface, by geological field mapping, high resolution microstructural analysis (by different techniques of scanning and transmission electron microscopy) and numerical modelling. A primary line of research has addressed the deformation processes occurring during earthquakes along faults from the brittle upper crust to the deeper middle-lower continental crust, upper mantle and subducted oceanic slabs. These studies have provided complementary information to seismological and geodetic studies in understanding the earthquake mechanics and dynamic processes. A second major line of research has addressed deformation at relatively hightemperature, metamorphic environments where rocks can flow ductilely. His research has highlighted that high-temperature flow occurs in alternation with transient episodes of brittle fracturing that influence redistribution and percolation of aqueous fluids. This interaction between different processes dramatically affects the bulk rock strength, rock metamorphism and the seismic cycle in the crust and in the upper mantle.