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NSc vol.27-28: indice

Notizie degli scavi di antichità

Comunicate dal Ministero all’Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei

s. IX, vol. XXVII-XXVIII, 2016-2017, con CD ROM, Roma 2019



I. ‒ Ostia (Roma) – Il tempio “dell’ara rotonda” (di Fausto Zevi e Ilaria Manzini).

Abstract.‒ The temple “dell’ara rotonda” (I, XV, 6) has been the object of much speculation in the literature on republican Ostia. Unsolved problems concern the divinity worshipped at the temple, as well as the chronology of the building in relation to that of the other temples in the same sacred area of the colony. Excavations carried out under the direction of Fausto Zevi in 1969-71 shed new light on the complex history of the building, which went through at least seven different architectural interventions, spanning from the 2nd century BC to the early 3rd century AD. Those excavations have also unearthed a significant amount of pottery and other finds, mostly dating back to the mid- and late-republican times. The analysis of stratigraphic data and pottery finds carried out in this paper leads to a better understanding of the architectural history of the temple, and adds significantly to our knowledge of the material culture at Ostia from the late 4th century BC onwards.


1. Lo scavo stratigrafico (Ilaria Manzini e Fausto Zevi)

p. 5

2. I materiali (Ilaria Manzini)

p. 56

3. Le ceramiche dal tempio dell’ara rotonda: alcune considerazioni sugli aspetti produttivi e commerciali (Ilaria Manzini)

p. 262

4. Appendice I: Catalogo dei tipi della ceramica comune (Ilaria Manzini)

p. 286

5. Appendice II: Catalogo dei motivi stampigliati su ceramiche a vernice nera (Ilaria Manzini)

p. 336

6. Appendice III: Catalogo dei dati epigrafici (Ilaria Manzini)

p. 343

7. Appendice IV: Catalogo degli impasti ceramici (Ilaria Manzini)

p. 353

8. Abbreviazioni bibliografiche

p. 382