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International Antonio Feltrinelli Conferences

International Antonio Feltrinelli Conferences

Nuovo ciclo di conferenze internazionali avviato nel 2019, finanziato con il fondo «Antonio Feltrinelli», su temi scientifici appartenenti alle discipline per le quali viene bandito di anno in anno il Premio Internazionale «Antonio Feltrinelli».

4-6 novembre 2019 - Ageing: from basic science to policy advice

Long-term changes in life expectancy and fertility have converted many countries into ageing societies. Failure to adapt to population ageing may constrain productivity, well-being, financial security, and equity, and may increase tensions between generations as they compete for limited resources. The problems involved and strategies to address these concerns, regarding current as well as future elders, require a multidisciplinary approach. The first International Antonio Feltrinelli Conference, supported by the Lincei Academy’s Fondo «Antonio Feltrinelli» and by SAPEA (Science Advice for Policy of the European Academies), is dedicated to reviewing and discussing the multifaceted aspects of the ageing process, from basic science to policy advice.

ORGANIZING COMMITTEE: Carlo PATRONO, CHAIR (Lincei Fellow, Catholic University, Rome), Jean-Pierre MICHEL, CO-CHAIR (University of Geneva), Garret FITZGERALD (Lincei Fellow, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia), Francesco CLEMENTI (Lincei Fellow, University of Milan)