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Corbetta, Maurizio

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Cat. V Scienze Biologiche e applicazioni

D: Fisiologia, Farmacologia e Neuroscienze

Anno di nomina: 2023

Email: maurizio.corbetta [@] unipd.it


Maurizio Corbetta, born in 1961, graduated in medicine with honors in Pavia in 1985, specialized in neurology in Verona in 1990 and St. Louis in 1996, did research for several years in the neuroimaging laboratories of Washington University, Missouri, where it was born the study of correlations between mental activities and functional images of the human brain. Corbetta has discovered networks of the human brain that control attention and their alterations in pathology; the spatiotemporal organization of spontaneous activity across the brain using different imaging modalities (fMRI, EEG/MEG, LFPs) and models (human, monkeys); and, the effect of focal lesions on human brain networks to explain behavioral deficits and their recovery. He enjoyed a highly successful academic career at Washington University, holding the highest positions as a neuroscientist and clinical neurologist. In 2016 he was called to the chair of neurology and the direction of the clinic of the same name at the University of Padua, where he started an intense research activity in the field of fundamental and clinical neurosciences, obtaining important funding, including, in 2022 an ERC Synergy.