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Vineis, Paolo

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Cat. V Scienze Biologiche e applicazioni

Anno di nomina: 2023

Email: p.vineis [@] imperial.ac.uk


Prof. ord. di Environmental Epidemiology nell'Imperial College di Londra.

Paolo Vineis is Full Professor and Chair of Environmental Epidemiology at Imperial College London since 2005. He is a leading researcher in the field of molecular epidemiology. His latest research focuses on environmental exposures and intermediate markers from -omic platforms in large epidemiological studies. He collaborates regularly with the International Agency for Research on Cancer (WHO), where he has been a member of the Scientific Council and is currently a member of the Ethics Committee. He also investigates the effects of climate change on non-communicable diseases. Paolo Vineis has been the coordinator of the European Commission funded projects Exposomics (on air pollution) and Lifepath (H2020, on socio-economic inequalities and ageing), both based on the development of omic technologies. He is principal investigator or co-investigator of numerous international projects, funded by the European Commission, MRC, CRUK, US NIH. He has more than 1,100 publications in journals such as Nature, Science, Lancet, and Lancet Oncology (Hindex 171 - https://www.adscientificindex.com/scientist.php?id=1234419). He is the author of several books including “Health without Borders. Epidemics in the Era of Globalization”, Springer 2017; Nel crepuscolo della probabilità (Einaudi, 1999); La salute del mondo (with L. Savarino, Feltrinelli, 2021).